Young Woman with a magnifying glass, close-up (studio)Autologous fat transplant has been tried for more than a century with varying degrees of success but more recent techniques have provided more predictable, reproducible, and even permanent results.


Cosmetic surgeons who perform facial rejuvenation procedures have long recognized the importance of volume enhancement. The primary manifestation of aging is loss of subcutaneous tissue, especially the atrophy of fat, which directly contributes to laxity of skin.


As we age, facial wrinkles and creases have become more prominent. The face also loses its fullness with increasing age. Based on research, the loss of facial fat is a very significant component of facial aging.


When the layer of fat beneath our skin begins to thin, the volume loss contributes to hallows and contour changes especially around the eyes. The deflated appearance due to loss of facial fat makes the fat look older and more tired-looking.


Fat is an ideal tissue filler substance because it is living tissue and because it is from the patient’s own body, it is non-allergenic.


Cosmetic surgeons perform facial rejuvenation procedures for patients who want an improvement in their facial skin, texture and volume.


Facial rejuvenation surgery requires the lost fat. Improving the volume of the face makes one look younger and healthier.

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